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About Lynne

“My art is an intuitive, personal journey based on my life experiences.  My insatiable desire to meet the world’s people, visit their countries, embrace their cultures, art, antiquities, spirituality, and beliefs, have fueled my passion to share these adventures through my art. I am humbled and honored knowing that what comes from my heart and soul has touched a strong enough response to cause people to collect my pieces. I am living my dream and it is overwhelming and wonderful.”

Art has always been a part of Lynne Hardwick’s life.  She found her true passion for art and painting while attending the University of South Florida.  After studying the Impressionist painters, Lynne was instantly drawn to the beautiful art forms of the world.  Lynne moved to New York City, graduated from Katharine Gibbs and joined a New York advertising firm.  After exploring every art gallery and museum possible, she became inspired to travel to Europe for four months to experience some of the world’s greatest art galleries and museums. 

Lynne began painting in earnest in 1973 as an oil portrait painter. Raising two wonderful children with her husband and working as a full time Realtor in Charlotte, North Carolina, Lynne found little time to focus on painting.  Inspired by her newfound talent, she dedicated at least one month per year to taking plein aire watercolor classes throughout North American, Eastern and Western Europe, British Isles, South America, China, Canada, and Mexico.  Leaving the country gave Lynne uninterrupted time to explore her passion, grow her talent and expand her artistic subjects and styles.  Lynne maintains that discipline today and studies a minimum of eight weeks a year with world-renowned, award-winning artists including Mary Todd Beam, AWS, DS; Katharine Chang Liu, NWS; and Gerald Brommer, NWAS, AWS, WCWS, RMNWS. 

Now an award-winning artist herself, Lynne has been featured in several one woman shows, including shows at the Charleston City Gallery and the North Charleston Performing Arts Center.  In addition, she has won numerous awards from the Piccalo-Spoleto Arts Festival in Charleston and the Charleston Artists Guild Shows, and is actively showing in five galleries.  Professional affiliations include the International Society of Experimental Artists, National Watercolor Society, Society of Layerist and Multimedia, American Watercolor Society, South Carolina Watercolor Society, and the Charleston Artist Guild.  Since 1985, she has painted on site throughout Western and Eastern Europe, South America, Greece, China, England, Scotland, Ireland, Scandinavia, Mexico and Canada, as well as throughout the United States.  Although her work is abstract and generally non-objective, viewers are able to sense the influences of her travel and Hardwick’s unique design allows them to finds their own stories in her artwork. Hardwick’s work is included in corporate and private collections nationally and internationally.